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domenica 13 ottobre 2013

On the Pastoral Nature of Vatican II: An Evaluation

 For the benefit of our international readers, we present an English-subtitled version of the presentation given by Mons. Gherardini during the Conference on Vatican II, which was organized in Rome by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate on December 16-18, 2010. Mons. Brunero Gherardini is a highly respected theologian, the last exponent of the Roman School. He combines extreme intellectual rigor with a vast erudition and a passionate love for the Bride of Christ. The title of his presentation was On the Pastoral Nature of Vatican II: An Evaluation. Mons. Gherardini distinguishes four levels in the teachings of Council, each of which demands a different level of adherence from the faithful.We are very grateful to Dr. Luciana Cuppo for her excellent pages on Mons. Gherardini, including also a transcript of the presentation, on which the subtitles for this video are based.

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